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My name is Hunter Flesch, and my mission is to give teachers and leaders strategies that work.

Educators don't want hope... They want STRATEGIES

I grew up with two parents as educators, one a teacher, the other a principal. They stopped me before entering education and said "are you sure?" In my head I thought "well of COURSE I want in" and I quickly found out that all they were trying to do was prepare me. All the stories of how tough education can be I learned immediately as a classroom teacher just trying to keep my head above water with lessons, management, and a vast array of system challenges. 


There was a point in my career where I finally stopped and said to myself "Is this the best we can really do? Can't things be better?" I felt this urge to step out of my own school building for new and immediate learning from the best educators in the world.


With an insatiable hunger for knowledge and strategies, I began the Ed Essentials platform. I not only grow my own wealth of knowledge and expertise, but also serve and support other educators around the world through podcasting and social media. I am an educator that is all about problem-solving, continuous improvement, and supporting students through the creation of better systems.

Finally, I am glad you are here. I look forward to connecting with you, hearing your story, and learning how I can support you and your educational journey. Let's connect and start transforming education together.

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