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Standard 3
Equity, Inclusiveness, and Cultural Responsiveness

Candidates who successfully complete a building-level educational leadership preparation program understand and demonstrate the capacity to promote the current and future success and well-being of each student and adult by applying the knowledge, skills, and commitments necessary to develop and maintain a supportive, equitable, culturally responsive, and inclusive school culture.

EDL 271 - FBLA Student Ownership

My goal with this Field Based Learning Activity was to increase the level of student ownership regarding classroom behavior. I incorporated concepts from Peter Senge's The Fifth Discipline and David Langford's Tool Time for Education as resources for this initiative. 

EDL 274 - Equity Project

Using one of my cohort member's current schools, we developed a potential equity plan for the building, identifying our overall theory of action and how that would impact staff, students, and the community.

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