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Standard 7
Building Professional Capacity

Candidates who successfully complete a building-level educational leadership preparation program understand and demonstrate the capacity to promote the current and future success and well-being of each student and adult by applying the knowledge, skills, and commitments necessary to build the school’s professional capacity, engage staff in the development of a collaborative professional culture, and improve systems of staff supervision, evaluation, support, and professional learning.

EDL 279 - Hiring Simulation FBLA

Within a small group we developed and completed the hiring process for a teacher by creating and posting a teaching job, developing interview questions connected to core values, and performing a live interview with an undergraduate education student. 

EDL 279 - Effective Leader Essay

In this essay I defined a highly effective manager-leader as someone who can develop, implement, and sustain successful systems (managing) through the use of adaptive and people-driven leadership skills. I go into detail how leaders are not just tasked with managing their systems, but they are also responsible for ensuring the people within it have every opportunity to succeed and grow.

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